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Why is my available balance less than my wallet balance?

What are settled funds?

The balance showing in “available balance” is the amount of settled money vs. what is still pending.

"Settled funds" in banking refer to funds that have been deposited and have completed the clearance process, making them available for withdrawal or use. When you transfer money into your addy wallet, the funds are not immediately available for use. The bank needs time to verify that the funds are legitimate and to complete the transaction with the other financial institution involved.

During this time, the funds are considered "unsettled" or "pending." Once the transaction has been completed successfully, the funds are considered "settled" and can be used or withdrawn without restriction. Typically, the length of time it takes for funds to become settled varies depending on the bank and the type of transaction.

This can take up to 90 days for EFTs while wires and Interac transfers are immediate.

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