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Depositing funds via Interac

Use Interac e-transfer to deposit funds into your addy wallet. This ensures fast, easy access to your funds. This process is virtually automatic, but it could take up to 30 minutes for the funds to be reflected in your addy wallet. Please email if the delay is longer than that.
If you are missing a deposit please see How to recover a missing Interac deposit

To send an Interac, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the add funds page of your profile for your account-specific instructions!
  1. You will see the following image when you click:
    1. Notion image
    2. The email address you will send the Interac too
    3. Your member ID. Click on the member ID to copy it. In the messages field, make sure to post only the member ID and nothing else
    4. and 4. you should not need but they are available if you do.
  1. After you put that information into your Interac e-transfer section of your bank app, you should be able to send any amount you like for auto-credit into your addy wallet.
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