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How do I add or change the disclaimer a member sees after filling out the Suitability Questionnaire?

Steps for adding a disclaimer to the suitability questionnaire in your addy Business account

This is the disclaimer an addy member will need to acknowledge after completing the suitability questionnaire in their profile
  1. Login to addy Business.
    1. If required, setup Multi-Factor Authentication using a tool like Google Authenticator.
  1. Select the gear to the right of the appropriate account.
    1. Notion image
  1. Click disclaimer.
    1. Notion image
  1. Type in your new disclaimer.
    1. By highlighting a selection, you can bring up a text editor to change font and format.
      1. Notion image
  1. Press save.
By pressing save your new disclaimer will be “live” immediately. The disclaimer will be shown immediately after anyone fills out the Suitability Questionnaire.

Please contact with any concerns or clarifications

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