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How do I provide an update for my property?

Steps to provide a property update

The following steps will allow you to provide an update for your property. This will populate immediately so ensure the accuracy before submitting.
  1. Click on your Issuer account, and select “Properties”
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  1. Select the property for which you wish to provide an update
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  1. Click on updates, and “add new update”.
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  1. Fill out all the fields:
    1. Title = Title of the update in the web and app
    2. Message = The update
    3. Type = Select appropriate type
    4. Video URL = A specific YouTube embed link. See instructions:
      1. Access your video on YouTube and select “Share”.
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      2. Click on embed
        1. Notion image
          Notion image
      3. Copy the URL, example highlighted below.
      4. Notion image

        iv. Paste the URL into the Video URL field.

    5. Email Subject = The subject of the email that gets sent out
    6. Email Body = Either the update, or a reference to the update being available in the member’s profile.
    7. Notified Members = Select to proactively notify member of update
    8. Published? = Select to publish
    9. Drop any required attachments
    10. Submit to send
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